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Malaria & Diving


Malaria is a perennial concern to travellers in Africa, the Asia-pacific and South America.


Of all the questions about travel medicine, malarial prophylaxis and yellow fever vaccination are of the most common.


Safety of medication while diving and drug resistance considerations are the most pressing issues. As divers venture deeper into the African tropics the risks of contracting malaria increase proportionally. Lack of medical facilities, transportation and communication

add additional complexity to managing this medical emergency. Understanding malaria prophylaxis and general preventative measures is therefore of the utmost importance.


This presentation covers some of the most important considerations in selecting and using malaria prophylactic measures and medications.


The medical treatment of malaria, which is complex and requires close medical supervision, falls outside the scope of this presentation.


The three most important guidelines regarding malaria prevention and survival are:

- Do Not Get Bitten

- Seek Immediate Medical Attention If You Suspect Malaria

- Take “The Pill” (Anti-Malaria Tablets / Prophylaxis)

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