Dr. Frans J. Cronjé


  MBChB  (UP), MSc



Resources & Services for individuals with MS

The find out about the risk identification and mitigation services through BrainBiochem:  www.brainbiochem.net


If you are interested in the Rapha Regimen, visit: www.natrx.co.za

Rapha RegimenTM is a scientific, nutritional support program developed specifically for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). It is the product of an ongoing clinical research programme at the University of Stellenbosch.


The Rapha RegimenTM was developed specifically to support optimal myelination and brain health. It is the product of more than a decade of research  into the risk factors for myelin loss. Its objective is to supplement common deficiencies. It ensures optimal, un-interrupted delivery of essential biochemical factors needed for protection, preservation and repair of myelin, particularly for patients with MS.


For more info on Rapha RegimenTM, visit: www.natrx.co.za

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GP4MS is a network of General Practitioners with an active interest in multiple sclerosis. Those participating in this network subscribe to the following goals and principles which focus on enhancing and preserving the health of individuals with MS: 


MS is a prevalent and devastating disease. Pharmacological interventions are indicated during relapses and in certain forms of the disease. However, many patients fall outside of the criteria for definitive diagnosis of MS or for specific medical intervention. For these individuals in particular, the assessment of specific and modifiable lifestyle, biochemical and genetic risk factors may offer an objective, personalised and practical way to lower their risk for deterioration and to support the ongoing synthesis, maintenance and repair of myelin.


GP4MS medical practitioners are willing to assist patients with MS in times of need and by reviewing the evidence on alternative and complementary health promoting strategies objectively and with the patient's interests in mind.