Dr. Frans J. Cronjé


  MBChB  (UP), MSc

 Duke University - Spirituality & Health Research Program

 Co-founder Pneumapsychosomatology

 Principal Investigator - Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health Study (PHYMSH)




Dr Frans J. Cronjé is a General Medical Practitioner registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He has received extensive training in South Africa and in the USA and has been licensed to practice medicine in both countries.


Over the past 21 years he has specialized in aviation medicine, hyperbaric medicine, wound care, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), balance disorders & rehabilitation at Pretoria University (RSA), Duke University (USA), the University of Southampton (UK) and Emory University in Atlanta (USA) respectively. He has also received extensive training on Spirituality & Health under Prof Harold Koenig at Duke University and Dr Henry Wright at Be in Health Global (USA).

At present Dr Cronjé is in private medical practice in Cape Town. He also serves part-time as Senior Lecturer & Researcher at the University of Stellenbosch Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. He has a sessional appointment in the Emergency Services of the Department of Health, in which he supports the clinical services provided at the Baromedicine Center. He has professional affiliations with the Department of Chemical Pathology for the purpose of studying the impact of various genetic risk factors and finding practical ways to use this information to improve quality of life. He has a special interest in Mental Health, Multiple Sclerosis and Breast Cancer. He has committed the last 7 years of his professional and personal life to study the spiritual and emotional roots of disease and to find ways to model the interconnections between biological, psychological and spiritual problems.

At his medical practice in Cape Town he provides offers consultations to people who are interested in addressing all aspects of their health - spiritually, psychologically and biologically. The materials posted on this website are the product of this experience gained over many years. They were developed specifically to assist Health Professionals to navigate the many challenges in providing truly wholesome help. Unless the spiritual, psychological and biological barriers to health and wholeness are addressed, the results are frequently unsuccessful, temporary and often very costly to maintain.


Dr Cronjé is not a clinical psychologist, psychiatrist nor an ordained pastor. He is God-fearing Believer who endeavours to follow a patient-centered, Biblical and scientific and  approach in the professional services he provides. The material posted on this website is for personal use. You are welcome to refer people to it, but it is not for sale.  


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