Dr. Frans J. Cronjé


  MBChB  (UP), MSc

 Duke University - Spirituality & Health Research Program

 Co-founder Pneumapsychosomatology

 Principal Investigator - Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health Study (PHYMSH)




" Spiritual needs can be assessed without prolonged training or prohibitive investments of time.


They can also be met without provoking offense, projecting judgment, precipitating guilt, promoting alienation, perpetuating superstition, propagating magical thinking or producing escapism.  


The spiritual dimension offers purpose, meaning & comfort; greater partnering and compliance; restoration of relationships; and relief of suffering.  


Therefore, we cannot allow our own ignorance, prejudice or fear to prevent us from assessing the spiritual needs and realities of our patients; to do so is to deny their reality and human dignity; it also limits access to essential resources in the healing process and it therefore violates the very foundational precepts of our profession."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr Frans J Cronjé 2011




This 22 minute overview by Dr Frans Cronje provides some important perspectives, justification and precautions in assessing and addressing the spiritual needs of your patients in an appropriate, ethical and meaningful way.



This 60 minute lecture was given at the International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course in Toronto, Canada on 10 June 2012. It provides a framework for assessing spiritual needs in patients in an inoffensive way. It offers the perspective that spirituality is part of human physiology and represents an potential underutilized resource or an unresolved liability in the healing process.