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The vast majority of mankind has a spiritual worldview. However, modern medicine offers very little scope for spirituality other than recognising certain religious restraints on healthcare practices.

Although Christianity is the predominant world religion, it is not homogenous. There are many doctrinal divisions making any religious approaches to health care issues problematic even from within the Christian faith spectrum; this is amplified between different religions.

On 27 September 2013, Dr Frans Cronje presented a 1-day workshop in Singapore on Integrating Spirit-Soul-Body Dimensions in Healthcare. The objective was to offer Christian Health Care Professionals (HCP) a broader perspective on the importance of recognising and addressing the spiritual needs of their patients without breaching professional ethical conduct.

Introduction to Spiritual Roots of Disease

  • Single DVD set in NTSC or PAL format. Slides with original presentation voice-over, edited for home viewing or in small groups.
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