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ECG  Assessments & Blood Tests

Only resting ECG Assessments are required for Initial Aviation Medicals.


Stress ECG's are required -- on indication -- according to age and risk factor assessments, including family history of early cardiovascular events, hypertension, diabetes, and blood cholesterol levels. 


A Resting ECG shall be performed at the following intervals: 


Class 1 –  Every 2 years -- 30-50 years;   Every year after 50 years.


Class 2 –  Initial medical examination;   First exam after 40 years;  Every 2 years after 50 years.  


Class 3 –  Initial medical examination;  Every 2 years after 50 years.    


A Stress ECG shall be performed on individuals with moderate, high, or very high risk as determined by the South African Hypertension Guidelines Cardiovascular Risk Tables.


Screening blood glucose and cholesterol are done biennially (2-yearly). If elevated, they are repeated (fasting). If still elevated, further testing is required. 

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