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Dr. Frans J. Cronjé


  MBChB  (UP), MSc

 Senior Aviation Medical Examiner     Diving Medical Examiner


Detailed Process of Aviation Medical Assessments - with links


  • Most Aviation Medical appointments are made in the afternoon. Mondays, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons are usually best.

  • When making an appointment: 

          Always select "Long Medical" for all first medicals or if you are unsure.

          Only click "Short Medical" if you are absolutely sure you do not need a Resting  ECG / Stress ECG or Lung Function.

  • If you need a Stress ECG (if there are cardiovascular risk factors), this will be arranged at the time of the medical.

  • If you are on a medical protocol, like Hypertension, Asthma, Melanoma, etc., please indicate this when you make the appointment so that we can send you a prescription for the required blood tests.

  • Bring a photo ID: RSA ID / Passport; driver's license and your current pilot license (renewals or upgraded licenses).

  • Payment is made on completion of the medical: Cash or EFT. The medical will only be submitted to IAM upon receipt of payment. 


  • Costs: (Note: these costs exclude the costs for Stress ECG [± R 400]; & Chest X-ray [± R 300] which are paid for separately at the practice where the service is rendered)

         Initial medical: R1300 (Lung Function included; Resting ECG included). Initial Chest X-ray ± R 300 are paid for separately          where the service is rendered )

         Long medical: R1300 (Lung Function included; Resting ECG included). If needed, Stress ECG ± R 400 is paid for separately          where the service is rendered ).

         Short Medical: (No Resting or Stress ECG; No Lung Function) R850 



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